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Welcome to the Elevator Portal of Pietsch & Weindorfer
General Informations

With Building Equipment & Facilities (BE&F) provided the company LIWETEC GmbH the first global online-portal for the elevator industry.

New Modules Available:

  • Calculation of EN 81-1/2 Amendment 3 ( UCM) (Calculation of the stopping distance)
    • stopping distance <= 1,2m
    • vertical distance between sill / bottom of the toe guard <= 200mm
    • free distance between sill / door header >= 1,0m
    • online in our Portal and also available for mobile phone
Following Technical Calculations are available:
  • Cabins
  • Ropes
  • Traction Sheaves
  • Pullies / Axles
  • Beams
  • Guide Rails
  • Supports
  • Buffers
  • Overspeed Governors
  • Tools

Also available:

Module System Configurator
The System Configurator is a tool for technical and commercial configuration of complete and part-complete elevator systems.

Module Product Configurator
The Product Configurator is a tool for technical and commercial configuration of main components like:
  • Drive Units
    • choise of duty cycle (full load up & full load down / full load up & 1/3 full load down)
    • choise of duty type (effective moment / static full load moment)
    • rope diameter optimizing
    • number of ropes optimizing
    • groove optimizing
    • rpm optimizing
    • static load verification
    • torque / power verification
    • motor selection optimizing
  • Inverter ...

Calculate the energy efficiency in our portal. Calculation according to standard VDI 4707.

Alternatively, our portal can be installed on your own subdomain (Cloud) ( for example "" ) .